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20 Senior Executives met Ariel Jacobs for a unique facilitated discussion on practical cases in the Top Sport – Soccer world.

20 Senior Executives attended a unique facilitated discussion on practical cases in the Top Sport – Soccer world.  (27/8/2015)

searchAriel Jacobs, enlighted us on the various parties that are involved in the ‘care’ of the players and that care of them (I counted more that 10), in the measurement systems and guidance from a athlete perspective (performance, endurance) and in the analytics that are applied, and can be acquired (a service you can buy), to gain insight in the adversaries on individual and team level.

The discussion after the session was animated on subjects as the coach and the media on sensitive topics on the team (non cohension), the condition of players.  Are the individual players coached on working with the press & media (interviews after the match on TV and newspaper/magazines).  How are clubs dealing with social media and the players posting their opinion on Facebook, Twitter.  How do teams deal with personal live style coaching.  Where is the money.

Location: >> Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Anderlecht <<
Théo Verbeecklaan 2, 1070 Anderlecht