EOA-Belgium is a Not for Profit organization.  The means we ‘collect’ are entirely invested in high profile, high quality, information rich person to person events.

Yes, e- and i- are bringing content and context to the subject.  We are convinced we provide even more added value in organizing person to person meetings.  Occasions where the sharing of practical use cases and the possibility for discussion and networking are enabled. Added value, isn’t that what we all stand for ?


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EVENT sponsoring in the last years from CEGEKA, CGI, IBM, HP, HCL, CAP GEMINI, NIIT.

Are you interested in supporting EOA-Belgium in general, or for a particular event, in 2016-2017?

So, Get in touch with us.  walter.vanherle@eoa-belgium.be or dominique.kindt@eoa-belgium.be