About EOA-Belgium

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The European Outsourcing Association
Belgium Chapter


As a member of the larger European Outsourcing Association, the EOA Belgian chapter was founded as an independent ‘not-for-profit’ association. Our objectives are to communicate the significant benefits and strategic lessons of outsourcing to a wider audience.

EOA Belgium, advocating good market practice, represents outsourcing end users, educational institutions and other companies which support outsourcing, such as legal and consultancy firms.

Our value proposition is built around our 3 main pillars:

  • To create an outsourcing knowledge sharing platform as the key driver of the organisation
  • We are focused on Belgium but with international knowledge sharing capabilities
  • We maintain a broad outsourcing scope providing generic and specific outsourcing discussion topics to Finance, ICT, HR and Business executives

As such, EOA Belgium wants to leverage effective business and process outsourcing by:

  • promoting best practice, service and innovation in the application and development of IT and Business Process Outsourcing
  • delivering information on market developments in business outsourcing to its members
  • communicating the benefits and lessons learnt from business outsourcing