Beyond Traditional Outsourcing
Solvay Brussels School – Economics & Management

Two interactive days to expand your horizon for additional outsourcing value

Collaborative partnerships have become more strategic as internal sourcing does not cover the full range of services needed to achieve business’ missions. Those collaborations, commonly referred to as outsourcing, include multi-sourcing, global business services, offshoring, nearshoring, robotic process automation (RPA), cloud-sourcing and many other variants. Outsourcing drivers have moved from cost cutting to agility and innovation, win-lose negotiations focused on price gave way to creative win-win partnerships and short best of breed arrangements gradually replace big deals with prime suppliers.

In this fast-moving environment, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management together with the European Outsourcing Association, continue to update their yearly workshop. This edition includes presentation of recent practices and discussion of leading user experiences, with hands-on participation based on a recent Harvard case study.

Program content

Relationship Engagement
Relationship Management
Presentation to Peers

Day 1 AM

Day 1 PM

Day 2 AM

Day 2 PM

How to revisit your sourcing strategy to get it aligned with your business objective? How to achieve the ultimate aim of successful delivery? How to reap mutual benefits from a partnership? Group work restitution in plenary session with feedback & conclusion.

The programme in short:


4 & 18 March 2016 

from 9 AM to 5 PM


Programme fee:
1600 €

EOA members:
-15 %

  Acquire the essential outsourcing best practices
  Discover practical tools that will help participant’s organizations to gain outsourcing maturity so as to open up and be able to exploit new opportunities for a broader range of relationships, beyond the traditional staff augmentation
360° Approach
  Balanced blending of client and supplier viewpoint .

Mix of academic presentations, case studies, testimonials of recognized experts and practitioners, and hands-on group exercises that foster learning from each other’s experiences

2 Days Workshop
  2 days workshop at 2 weeks interval to allow for group work based on a recent case study : AirCanada – Flying High with Information Technology (2014)
Boost your career
  Boost your career trajectory with the knowledge acquired and the contacts established throughout the program

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